Grameenphone 4G APN internet Settings

Grameenphone 4G APN internet Settings.Today we will look at GP SIM 4G API setting and how to do proper APN setting in detail in this post.

Grameenphone 4G:- The fastest network in Bangladesh is Grameenphone, and this Grameenphone is bringing us Surjit Smriti, and now it is bringing 4G. If the 4G speed is very good, then we have to set the 4G network according to the right way. If the Grameenphone network is very good, then we will know. Today I will discuss in detail how to do the setting of a Grameenphone and how the speed of the 4G network will be, and we will discuss in detail how to support your 4G network on those of our phones that do not support 4G network. You have to read it thoroughly.

Does Grameenphone support 4G mobile phones? All the phones that are made today support Grameenphone 4G, like your Walton Symphony phones. All the new version sets support 4G, and if your phone is old, then you must have Android version 4.2. If not, 4G will be supported, and those who are thinking of buying a new mobile should check the specifications before buying a new phone and check whether 4G is supported before buying their phone.

Grameenphone 4G APN internet Settings:-

Grameenphone API setting 4g is an important setting so if you can’t set FB properly then support 4G on your phone and get 4g network speed or else I’m telling you below how to set your correct 4g APN for your phone.

Name: GP Internet

APN: gpinternet

Username: Not Required

Password: Not Required

Type of sign-in info: None

IP Type: IPv4

Proxy Server: Not Required

Proxy Port: Not Required

Grameenphone 4G APN Settings Android Devices:

I have created an image below on how to set up Grameen’s 4G network on the phone. We have seen from the image that if you set up your 4G network in this way, you will definitely be able to run the 4G network at full speed with a Grameenphone SIM.

Name: GP Internet

APN: gpinternet

Proxy: Not Required

Port: Not Required

Username: Not Required

Password: Not Required

Server: Not Required

MMSC: Not Required

MMS Proxy: Not Required

MMS Port: Not Required

MCC: 470

MNC: 01

Authentication Type: Not Required

APN Type: default (or) internet

APN Protocol: IPv4

APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4

Bearer: Unspecified

Final Words:

Friends, finally, my article is familiar to you. Please comment on one of my pages, and today’s article was about Grameenphone’s 4G APS.

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