How do i fix facebook Partner monetization policy issues Remove

How do i fix facebook Partner monetization policy issues Remove .How to fix Partner monetization Policies

Hello friends, how are you? I hope everyone is doing well. Today I will show you a policy issue of Facebook removal, and I hope you all are suffering from this problem. But today I will tell you that if you act like this, your Facebook page will be removed as a policy. Just one minute

If you follow the method that I will show you today, you can remove the policy on your Facebook, and I have removed the policy issue for six-seven Facebook IDs. Because of this policy issue, many people may not be able to use Facebook, so remove the policy issue today and your If you follow on Facebook, you can remove it.

Now we will move to the Meta business suite of pages

Now we move on to monetization

You can see that my page has monetization issues.

Now we will click on branded content

Now we will click enable tag.

We will confirm this kind of pop.

After confirmation we will reload the page.

Now we go to Overview and you can see my monetization issues are gone

In this way, you can remove each of your pages as a policy. Moreover, if anyone has a problem understanding, please comment on our page and let us know if your policy system has been removed in this way. God bless you all.

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